Fall Centerpiece Ideas - Country Decorating 2012

This video is a viewers choice. We have created 2 Fall table centerpieces. You pick the one you like best.

All comments are appreciated and loved!

Thanks for Watching :)


  1. Michelle, I like both ideas since one can be
    displayed all fall and one for halloween.
    Very creative. We should meet sometime and swap some ideas and do some shopping of course, I don't live too far from you.
    Country at heart

  2. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I liked the look of your second one, but I think the first one seemed more balanced. Love that you use easy-to-find items.
    Someday, when we have our forever home, I hope it's pretty like yours...

  3. Absolutely gonna find me some of these bowls and paint them! I am so excited!!! GREAT IDEA'S!!! Love your Treasures!

  4. btw, I love both idea's but I would mix them up for me and my liking. I would use the pedestal with the first idea. Just me, but i loved both. ;)


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