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DIY - Tobacco Sticks Tree Project

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How to make a Primitive Decorating piece out of tobacco sticks.
Watch the Video to see how we made this!

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Mason Ball Jar Project - Primitive Sconce

   Today we are giving a light sconce, from the thrift store, a primitive look. We've gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint and then added the blue ball jar. I was so happy with how it turned out that we mounted it next to my stove in the kitchen :)

Watch the video below and leave a comment.

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Thrift Store Makeover - Jello Molds


   Today's makeover is some Jello-Molds I picked up at the Thrift Store. We added a fresh coat of black spray paint to each one. Then some berry vine that is intertwined with small rustic stars. In each one we added a candle which makes for a really nice and easy centerpiece. We created 3 and have placed them in different areas around our home.

Watch the video and leave a comment.
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