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Barrel Makeover - Country Decorating 2012


    In this video we are doing a makeover of a barrel I picked up on the cheap. We added a fresh coat of paint, an ornamental star , and made a cushion topper for it. Now we can use it for storage or as an extra seat.

Fall Centerpiece Ideas - Country Decorating 2012

This Video is a viewers choice. We have created 2 Fall table centerpieces. You pick the one you like best.

All comments are appreciated and loved!

Thanks for Watching :)


Pumpkin Craft Idea - Country Decorating 2012

This video of Autumn Decorating is a Pumpkin craft idea. We used a burlap bag, pillow batting, spray paint, and leaf vine. The pumpkin face was made from a cardboard template. An inexpensive craft  that didn't take long to make.


Autumn Display - Country Decorating 2012


  This video of Country Decorating Ideas is an Autumn Display. My Husband brought this trash find home. At first I had no idea what to do with it, but after some thought, and a fresh coat of paint,  it turned out pretty good.
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