Stair Decorating Ideas - Country Stairs Makeover

   In today's video of Country Decorating Ideas we are using some decals I found at Wal-mart to makeover my stairs. The decals are stars, berries, and tags in many varieties. I've always wanted to put a border on them, but when I found these decals I thought they would work out perfect. They were pretty easy and didn't take very long.
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  1. Luv this idea, gonna look for decals at my Walmart. My stairs are carpeted but maybe I can decal something else, perhaps furniture. hmm.......... thanks for sharing your ideas! Lee

  2. I live in a old farm house, are these decals removable? Anything I do has to be removed when/if I move.

  3. Hi Michelle!! Im getting caught up on your videos. These decals look awesome, very cool idea :) ~Krystal


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