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Living Room Design Ideas - Country Wall Decor

In todays video of Primitive Country Decorating Ideas we do our third... Viewers Choice ... we show 2 displays and let you, the viewer decide which one is best. 
Thanks for watching:)
REMEMBER to leave a comment with your vote :)


  1. My vote goes for number 2. I think it has more color and is more interesting to look at. Can't wait to see which wins!

  2. I like #2, cause there seems to be a lot of black, which stands out and it just looks better all around.

  3. I also like #2 because I think the berry tree softens it up! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like # 2, as I love baskets, handmade as well as Longerber ones!
    I'm really enjoying all of your videos.

  5. My vote is for #1, I like the stacking boxes, the salt box house, and the swan. I really like all of your videos, you do a great job, thank you for sharing all of your creativity with us. Merry Christmas!


  6. Number 2 but I like the swan on top that was in Number 1. Number 2 has a lot more color. I didn't care for the bottle in Number 1. Love this site!

  7. I vote for the first one, I also liked the stacking boxes and I love the swan, I want one. Do you know where I can get one.

    Pat Jan.2,2014


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