Primitive Country Decorating Ideas - Viewers Choice #1

In todays video of Primitive Country Decorating Ideas we do something different... Viewers Choice ... we show 2 displays and let you the viewer decide which one is best.  
Thanks for watching:)
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  1. Michelle,
    I love all your videos and can't wait to see more. I think I like the second display best. Just because of the color and the added berries. Love those berries.
    Country at heart

  2. Michelle, This is such a neat idea!! I am voting for the second display also. I like the first one also but the second one is WOW. Hope you have an awesome weekend!!:)~Krystal

  3. Michelle,
    I enjoy your videos! I noticed the display to the right of this one and it had smaller items on it, that's why I think the first one makes more of a statement and helps balance out the other. Also I noticed the baskets surrounding this display more. I do like the second one also but would move the other display. Hope this helps.

  4. Hello, I just happened upon your blog and I love it! I am just getting into Americana. I was able to buy a trunk load of it at a very good price. So I redecorated my family room in it. So cozy.
    Anyway, I watched the video,"Viewers Choice", and I love the second look. With the candle in the basket, it looks so warm and inviting! :)


  5. Viewers Choice", and I like the second look. Thanks again for so many good ideas. Karla


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