Country Home Decorating Ideas - Country Canning Jar Idea

In this video of Country Decorating Ideas we take a canning jar, candle, berry wreath, and strip of fabric to make a country centerpiece. It could also be used as a shelf display.
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  1. Michelle, Loved this idea and the toolbox one as well, especially the fact that there are no cords :) the best part is they are both very budget friendly! I have always loved this jar look but the ones Ive seen have been so expensive. I recently found a toolbox like the one in your last video at a local craft mall here for $5 and I always have extra berries! Thanks for sharing, im not the most crafty person but your videos make it very easy :) take care!
    ~Krystal, Pa

  2. now i know what to do with that glass jar that is in the cupboard. great idea, keep them coming.
    p.s. i love those berries too, can't have too many.

  3. I would love to make one of these for my kitchen, but where do I get the candles where you just turn them to turn them on

  4. Michelle,
    Love all your videos, primitives and DIYs - BUT I can't find these candles. Where did you find them? HELP!
    Tamara, Illinois


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