Country Home Decorating Ideas - Small Country Window

In this video of Country Decorating Ideas we take a small window and add a fresh coat of paint.  A few country decorations to finish it off to make a nice country wall display.
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  1. Michelle, Awesome wall it! The window is very unique and you decorated it adorable as usual:) I finally made my toolbox/tote thingy with berries and a battery candle, now I need to get up the nerve to post on my blog about it. When (if) I do, I'll comment here and leave my blog web address. Thanks again for all the awesome ideas, Take care!
    Krystal, Pa

  2. Okay, it's me again. I posted on my blog, check it out and let me know what you think :) Thanks!


  3. Love Love Love your projects. Next time I see a window frame in a yard sale I will get it and have a wonderful shelf also. Keep posting more. I would love to see some on Christmas decorating ideas. Thankyou


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